Election Campaigning

Election campaigns are the best means for candidates and the political parties to prepare and present their ideas and positions on issues to the voters in the period preceding election day. Contestants use a variety of techniques to reach voters and deliver their messages, including through traditional and new media, public events, written materials, or other means. Election campaigns are vital to achieve those goals. Elections that are genuinely competitive offer equitable opportunities for contestants to convey their positions to citizens and compete for votes.

CHOPPERSHUB afford ease of mobility and access to the country's remotest corners, and small planes which can land on short airstrips.

Flying at average 100-140 nautical miles per hour at a height of between 2,000-3,000 feet, helicopters are the favorite as they help politicians reach out to the maximum constituents during the campaign.

These include choppers owned by the central or state governments, corporate, public or private sector undertakings, and those that are privately-owned -- leaving around barely 75, mostly with the charter companies, for election purposes.

There are single- or twin-engined choppers of different companies like Eurocopter, Robinson, Bell and Sikorsky, ranging from pilot plus three to 11-seater variants, The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) convened a meeting of the helicopter charter companies and discussed the various Dos and Don'ts to be adhered to, while the RWSI issued an advisory on this sometime back.

The charterers must ensure that the pilots carry out all pre-flight checks -- relating to route, weather and landing sites -- ensuring the security of the chopper at the remote sites and not transport cash/valuables, etc, since safety and security is the highest priority

Nevertheless, all agree that CHOPPERSHUB campaigners cover vast geographical areas in the limited campaign time available and interact with the maximum constituents.